Divinely feminine leadership

An open letter to women visionaries and pioneers:

Dear ones, you know who you are, you know you are here to make a difference and you know this is your time.

Yet, something feels missing. There isn’t the flow of ease and grace that you sense is your birthright – and you’re not wrong by the way. 

Maybe you get exhausted, over-stretched, or even burnt out. Maybe your personal life is challenging and doesn’t yet match who you’re here to be. Maybe your health and sense of wellbeing is calling for attention. Maybe you feel it’s all up to you and it’s difficult to ask for help, or receive support. Maybe your inner critic or bully shapes your day more often than your heart. Maybe your beautiful work in the world is not delivering the prosperity you believe is possible.

I am guessing you yearn to close the gap between your spiritual knowing and your everyday life, both personally and professionally. I’m guessing this, because it was my longing too and it led me into a life-changing connection with the divine feminine.

The journey took a while, some twists and turns and decades, but the final homecoming is beyond anything I even dreamed of and continues to deepen. I’ve worked with some brilliant therapists, healers and spiritual teachers. They’ve helped me immeasurably, but no-one talked of this third stage of spiritual awakening until now. 

Awakening, and even more magical, embodying the divine feminine is what calls us next. It is my personal devotion and my sacred work. I am here to offer you a similar homecoming. 

It’s time to come home to all that you are and all that is waiting for you. To feel safe in your body, to feel alive and free, to birth your projects and enjoy success in all areas of your life. No, this is not a sales pitch. I am the least salesy person you could meet. This is a passionate invitation to your next level of spiritual awakening. An intimate discovery and a lived reality of who you are, what you came to do and how that is possible with all the ease and grace you’ve longed for.

So much has lain hidden for thousands of years. It has led to the imbalance we experience today, the imbalance between the feminine and masculine energies, both personally and collectively. 

This year, this very moment, this turning point in the evolution of our species and our relationship with this beautiful planet, is calling forth the sacred union of these magical energies and their cosmic dance of creation. 

That requires the divine feminine to be restored within us all. Only then may the ‘lovers’ be reunited.

Yes, the divine feminine has been so traumatised, her energy has fragmented, shattered and scattered to the four winds and beyond. No wonder we feel empty. No wonder we’ve been trying to compensate so hard and so fruitlessly. No wonder there is so much mistrust and hurt within us and between us. 

It’s as though we’ve been sitting on a chair with only three legs, not four. We’ve found a way of living, but it has always felt a bit ‘off’, not stable enough, not safe enough. Yes, activating your sacred feminine blueprint transforms the levels of anxiety and fear you may have lived with all your life. There is a natural shift from striving to thriving, from hustle to harmony, from self-doubt to wonder. Maybe you’ve had a taste of this already, or can sense what I’m saying.

Where do you begin? With awakening the sacred place in your body that is designed to hold the divine feminine energy, your womb. Your sacred womb space exists at many levels. A space capable of birthing spirit into matter, not only a human infant, but also your divine projects and work in the world. Your womb is an energetic, multi-dimensional centre of power. Genuine, authentic, aligned power. Has this also felt missing as you struggled and pushed to make things happen? It had for me too. 

Trauma has played its part in disconnecting us from power, mystery, magic and purpose. The feminine and masculine energies have become distorted and that acts out in many ways in our lives and around the world. To discover energetic practices that can release and clear those distortions and return us to our pristine origins, has been revelatory for me, especially clearing trauma that I never imagined I would live without. Yes, trauma release is the most significant event for me of 2020. 

Those of us called to step up at this time, those of us with epic visions and a call to serve, those of us carrying new potentials, we are frequently the ones with a challenging history. We are frequently the ones who are highly sensitive. If this is you, your past no longer has to hold you back or trip you up. Healing through the portal of your womb offers undreamt of peace and release of trauma. Self-trust and confidence are natural outcomes. Clarity and guidance for your life and work are inevitable. Your sensitivity becomes a sacred gift.

I invite you to receive the keys to your divine feminine power, to the womb of creation itself and the wisdom that is yours to bring through for these times.

Every pioneering woman could benefit from Sacred Womb Awakening, the third stage of spiritual awakening. Every visionary woman could feel empowered. I say this from experience, I am both! Let’s do this together. 

Join one of my free introductions, initiatory circles, or transformational year long programmes. My community, Divinely feminine leadership, is a great space to begin, or contact me for a chat to discover what might suit you best.

Whatever has been missing, may it be restored now. Whatever you have longed for, may you come home to it now. Whatever success has eluded you, may you enjoy it fully now. This is your time. Sacred womb awakening awaits you.

Blessings for your life and blessings for your day.

With love



COMING SOON: Events, sacred spaces and programmes for Men. The first is 1st – 5th March 2024, Doorway to Grace, Sacred Womb Mysteries for Men. Restoring that which has been missing for thousands of years. A 5 day experiential healing journey and free online event for men. You can register HERE