Opening our hearts and living our dreams

I love to share what works for me. These potent little bottles have literally changed my life. They support my spiritual practice and my connection with my inner wisdom in ways I never dreamed possible. They assist me in maintaining emotional equilibrium. And my physical health (history of adrenal fatigue), well, that has made a quantum leap since I began to use these oils. Plant medicine – such a gift!




Contact me for a free chat online. My passion is about using oils for emotional balance and spiritual alignment. If that is your interest too, we’re a great fit.

‘Ann, I am so grateful for your support and heart-filled encouragement with the oils.  I have been drawn to working with essential oils and their plant wisdom for quite a long time but for some reason, I was held back? And now, with your light and your welcoming presence I am working with oils, receiving their beauty and that block I had is cleared.  Thank you so much!’  Kimba Bridgeman, Shamanic healer and teacher

‘Inviting doTerra oils into my life feels like the kindest act of self care that I have ever gifted myself. I’m receiving physical, emotional and spiritual support and this is deepening as I expand my trust and intuition after the first few weeks of use. Clarycalm (Women’s Blend) was effective in helping to ease the onset of a menstrual migraine last month without recourse to prescription medication. Ann’s initial suggestion of the regular application of Melaleuca with On Guard to my solar plexus has helped me to strengthen emotional boundaries and – alongside the regular diffusion of oils like lavender, geranium and frankincense – significantly reduce the effects of a six month period of anxiety.

Ann is a wonderful mentor; responsive, inspiring, encouraging, generous and gently enquiring. I’ve been assisted every step of the way with the practical use of the doTerra system, the qualities of particular oils, the exploration of my needs, suggestions for use and helpful discussion about my priorities, concerns and preferences. 

I’m thrilled to be using effective, natural and ethically sourced products and am very impressed with all that doTerra offer.’  Ali Roe – designer, illustrator

‘The spirit of each of these beautiful oils has mysteriously woven themselves into the very fabric of my life, my children’s lives and my clients’ lives and I have offered Frankincense to the sacred woodland glade I am drawn to go and sit in as a sign of my gratitude. They are a gift from the Divine to support me as I move through the joys and challenges in my life. The oils have offered me and my younger selves comfort, forgiveness, trust, clarity, creativity, an alignment with my life force, peace, support with overwhelm and exhaustion during our recent house move…….and more. 

Ann walks alongside me, holding me with her love and compassion and her incredibly powerful insight, suggesting oils that would be perfect to support me at each stage of my life as it unfolds.’   Abi Clough, Yoga Teacher, Craniosacral Therapist, Workshop Facilitator

The oils appear to have a language of their own, a way of communicating and I experience this as energetic in its nature. Finding myself lacking in this much needed vocabulary a Teacher had to be found, a translator of sorts, and to my surprise it was revealed that I already knew the very person, my Spiritual Mentor for these last nearly four years, Ann Bromley.’  Bronwyn Jones, Craniosacral Therapist